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#ForzaMichael messages for Michael Schumacher, Stay strong Schumi

Last week on 18/01/2014, a new message from Michael’s family was uploaded on his website. It reads as follows, “Thank you all so much! We are deeply touched by all the messages to get well soon for Michael which still are being sent. That gives us strength. Thank you all so much! Thank you to the Fanclub in Kerpen, to 1. FC Köln and Schalke 04 but also to everybody else and other fan groups who are supporting Michael. We all know, he is a fighter and will not give up!”

In the meantime, Scuderia’s Twitter and Facebook pages are being scoured to publish some of the #ForzaMichael messages for Michael Schumacher on a special bulletin board.

Gino Rosato wrote, “Michael!! What can I say. You taught the world what perseverance, hard work and never giving meant, “The Greatest of All Time”. The memories of traveling the world all together, the memories of being part of something that we will never forget. We were one, your Ferrari team, your guys, your second family. We are still all behind you, this time in a different way, in our prayers, in our thoughts, in our beliefs that if anyone can beat the odds, it’s you buddy. We are there with you, just like the good old days, every single one of us. God be with you, with love, your buddy!”

Giuseppe d’Agostini (Engineer) said, “A team wins together and you dear Michael helped us win so many times. This time, everyone in the team will help you win, with our affection and our strength.”

Fernando Alonso said, “Get well soon Michael and I hope to hear some good news as soon as possible!”

Mattia Binotto (Engineer) said, “In the past few days, I looked back at the photos and fished out all the records. In the cockpit, Michael you didn’t leave an inch for your rivals and in our technical meetings no stone was left unturned. In the morning, you were always the first one in and when karting you took no prisoners. At football, you were always on the ball, you were our champion. Now, I’m sure that, as always, you won’t give up at all and you will win again. Forza Michael, see you soon. We’re waiting for you.”

President Montezemolo said, “Michael, my thoughts are always with you, with great affection! Everyone at Ferrari is following your situation, just as they did from the pits at so many Grands Prix that you won with us and I am equally certain that you will also win this very important battle!”

In the meantime, Gary Hartstein wrote a new post on his blog offering an insight to speculations regarding Schumi’s health.

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