Four day old BMW sedan crashes at high speed, kills 21 year old driver in West Indies

Earlier on the 3rd this month, when Stefan Kissoon turned 21, he had never imagined that he would be gifted a brand new BMW sedan by his parents. But, the same birthday present, became the reason of Stefan’s sad demise fourteen days later. Stefan Kissoon had just turned 21 and it is not clear how experienced he was to handle such a powerful vehicle. Late on the night of 17th December, or rather early on 18th December, Stefan was on his way home when tragedy struck.

According to onlookers, Stefan was over-speeding his brand new BMW sedan and because of which he lost control of the car. Once Stefan lost control, the BMW sedan skidded off the road and banged head on with the concrete slab. The impact of the crash was such that Stefan was killed on the spot and the BMW sedan was completely totaled in the blink of an eye.

As the tragic incident took place on a highway and that too during early morning, it took long for help to arrive. All this while, Stefan’s body laid at the accident spot unattended. Once Stefan was taken to a nearby hospital, he was declared dead on arrival.

From the image above, you can imagine the kind of speed Stefan would have been driving his brand new BMW. A similar situation had occurred in Hyderabad, India when ex Indian cricket team captain, Mr Mohammad Azharuddin’s son, Ayazuddin was killed in a motorcycle accident. Earlier in September this year, Azhuruddin gifted his son a brand new GSX-R1000 superbike which became the reason of his death few days later. Click here to read more on the tragic incident.

Yes, this is a very sad and difficult situation for parents who just wanted their child to have the best possible gift. But who is to be blamed for these situations? Parents who gift their child fast cars/bikes or children who do not understand the importance of road safety?

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