Freight train service from China to France commenced

An intercontinental freight train service from China to France has been flagged off yesterday from the dragon land’s Wuhan city. The train will travel a distance of 11,300 km to Lyon, France, passing through Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

The container carrier aims to strengthen the economic ties between China and Eurasian countries by complementing the nation’s maritime goods transaction. The locomotive will carry electronic, chemical and mechanical products across the two continents. No information on what the train will carry from France back to China has been given but it shouldn’t be different from the regular sea cargo between the nations.

The trip which involves crossing 6 different time zones would take 16 days. By sending goods through this train line, China would be able to achieve better penetration in the regions which are far away from the sea.

Train service from China to France (Wuhan to Lyon)

This service from Wuhan to Lyon becomes the world’s longest train service, beating the Trans-Siberian passenger train from Moscow to Vladivostok which runs for a distance of 9,289 km.

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