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Freight vehicles on city roads during peak hours: Traffic congestion

Traffic congestion is a major problem facing society in this day and age but on the other hand it is a necessary evil. Though indispensable for economic development, trade and commerce, it does have its share of problems and something measures need to be taken to ensure that freight traffic is managed in a better and more effective way. Traffic congestion is caused mainly by freight vehicles and the world is grappling with the problem of how to solve this dilemma on a war footing.

Freight vehicles are overloaded, under maintained and spewing exhaust on every twist and turn on public roads in the world. Besides adversely contributing to the quality of air, drivers of these vehicles are inattentive to smaller vehicles on the streets are more often than not ruthless, callous and in some cases even drunk and oblivious to the fact that their vehicles occupy a major portion of the road. This leads to traffic jams, delays, enhanced air pollution and some very serious accidents.

It is necessary to find a solution to all thee compounded problems arising out of freight vehicles being allowed on public roads. The following are some of the trials which were carried out and which did prove to be effective. Freight traffic should be banned from public roads between 8 am and 10 pm. Freight vehicle owners should ensure that their vehicles are in pristine condition or else heavy fines should be imposed. Stringent checks should be kept on pollution levels and freight carriers should be subject to regular checks by transport authorities to ensure that they adhere to these levels of emission.

Freight vehicle owners should ensure that vehicles are not filled over and above capacity which adds to the wear and tear of the vehicle and enhances emissions. Drivers should work in rotation to ensure that they are not exhausted from travelling long distances cross country without a break. Drunkenness should not be tolerated at any cost and such drivers should be immediately suspended. Ring roads should be constructed outside city limits so that such freight carriers can travel on these roads circumventing the main cities altogether. If these measures are followed strictly it is sure to make a mammoth difference to the quality of air, traffic conditions on the road and the incidents of accident will be reduced.



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