Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2012: India is Back! The Journey to Visionary Innovation on 9th October 2012

Frost & Sullivan will be conducting the Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership – The Journey to Visionary Innovation at the J W Marriott, Mumbai on October 9th 2012. This special Workshop will be a tool based approach for companies to design actionable growth strategies.

Taking into consideration the present scenario in the country, Frost & Sullivan have understood one fact that is that despite strong domestic consumption, India is affected by global business forces. Companies are looking for quick short term returns rather than looking towards sustained growth. This means that companies are cutting costs and not concentrating on long term investment plans but rather grappling at short term profits as they compete in the cutthroat auto sector.

GIL convention will concentrate on measuring company’s growth potential, pay special emphasis on Macro and Micro implications, offer sharing of ideas and practices by companies to follow a definite course of action, offer hands on experience, tools of real time exercise and up to date technologies and innovations that will go a long way in changing the way in which businesses are run in the future.

India auto news release: Frost & Sullivan’s GIL 2012: India is Back! The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership Embarks on ‘The Journey to Visionary Innovation’ on 9th October 2012 in Mumbai
Launching an all-new format – Workshops adopting a tool-based approach for companies to design actionable growth strategies

Frost & Sullivan’s flagship event, The Global Community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) conducted across 14 countries around the globe, will embark on ‘The Journey to Visionary Innovation’ on 9th October, 2012 at JW Marriott, Mumbai, India.

Going by the current downtrend witnessed in most economies across, Frost & Sullivan realizes that India, no matter how strong its domestic consumption, will be impacted by the global business forces.

According to Anand Rangachary, Partner and Managing Director, Frost & Sullivan, South Asia, Middle East and North Africa, “Currently, we are seeing many companies wrongly taking their eyes off sustained growth and looking at short-term gains through cutting costs from core operations or deferring critical investment decisions. While short-term profitability is important, especially for companies with diverse stakeholders, it is counter-productive when it comes at the cost of long-term growth.”

This year, Frost & Sullivan, in its effort to help companies identify opportunities and develop an implementable long-term growth strategy, will be launching muc more interactive “solution-based workshops” that will provide the participating ‘C’ suite executives comprising CEOs, CXOs, CSOs, CFOs, COOs and their teams the necessary tools to accelerate the growth of their companies.

GIL 2012: India Highlights Include:

1.The Growth Diagnostic Tool: Measuring participating company’s future growth potential

2.Mega Trend’s: Preparing Companies for the Future. Keen insight on Macro to Micro implications of New Mega Trends in India

3.Industry Convergence-Based Growth Opportunities: Providing real insight on the mega forces that are driving convergence and ideas for how to use this to seize white space market opportunities. Sharing best practices for companies to navigate their path and identify a course of action

4.Implementation Excellence: Hands-on experience in exploring the critical growth processes while applying tools in a real-time exercise to validate and benchmark companies existing strategies against best practice implementation

5.TechVision 2020: 50 of the most exciting technologies and innovations that will shape our world in the coming years

6.GIL 2012: India and the GIL Community alike, continues to be the one resource that supports critical decision making while bringing together a global network of visionaries, innovators and leaders from industries such as Automation, Automotive & Transportation, Business and Financial Services, Chemicals, Electronics, Energy & Power, Environment, Healthcare, IT, Materials, Manufacturing, Petrochemicals and Telecom

“Understanding one’s potential, realizing the opportunities that lie ahead of companies through understanding macro to micro implications of Mega Trends in India, is just the first step. Through our continuous interactions with the industry, we have realized that the challenge that most companies face is, how they convert this knowledge into implementable growth strategies with their management team. Through GIL 2012, Frost & Sullivan, will not only identify key mega trends and the mega forces driving convergence, but will take this a step further. It will endeavor to guide them through this Journey to Visionary Innovation via structured growth processes to facilitate effective implementation,” says Anand Rangachary on the new format.

For GIL 2012: India, Bloomberg TV is supporting the event as Electronic Partner. Autocar Professional, Efficient Manufacturing, Express Computers, Infrastructure Today and Power Today are supporting as Industry Media Partners.