Fuel Economy Star Rating to be mandatory for cars sold in India by year-end

Just as one get to gauge the energy consumption of a TV or refrigerator by viewing the star rating stickers, car buyers in the country will also be able to ascertain the fuel efficiency of a car at the time of purchase itself. There will no longer be the need to take dealers word or other buyer’s claims on maximum fuel efficiency of a vehicle being purchased. A mere look at the Fuel Economy Star Rating sticker will be enough to ascertain how many liters of fuel will be needed to travel 100 kms.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has made it mandatory for all car manufacturers to display a new 5 star Fuel Economy Star Rating on cars, indicating fuel efficiency which will come into effect by the end of this year.

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The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has put forth a draft notification to this effect and has also indicated the design and shape of these star rating stickers which will be pasted on vehicle’s windows. This draft mandate has come into effect so as to alleviate confusion about fuel ratings while it will also put to an end any elevated claims made many manufacturers to project their vehicles as highly fuel efficient over and above what actually exists.

The draft also includes all vehicles that are powered by more than one fuel option of LPG and CNG and should be finalized by September / October this year. Fuel Economy Star Rating will be mandatory for all vehicles manufactured in the country and those imported with capacity to carry less than 9 passengers, including the driver.

The Government has devised a formula to calculate mileage as per quantity of fuel consumed by a vehicle over a distance of 100 kms while it will also take weight of the vehicle into consideration. Vehicles consuming 7 liters per 100 kms will be granted a 5 Star rating while those vehicles consuming over 12 liters per 100 kms would get a 1 Star rating. Failure of vehicles to comply with these carbon emission norms will invite a stiff penalty of INR 10 lakhs besides a fine of INR 10,000 per day till models comply.

via timesofindia