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Fuel efficiency most sought after quality in purchase of cars or trucks

Cars with higher levels of fuel efficiency attract buyers like bees to honey. The habitual rise in petrol prices and the most recent deregulation of diesel prices have a major role to play for this fact. Whether the car is a petrol model or a diesel one, the mantra to seek a higher level of fuel efficiency, while opting for a new car remains the same. To keep up with demand, auto manufacturers in the country along with foreign car makers are striving to introduce the most fuel efficient cars in India while at the same time ensuring high levels of comforts. The Indian buyer is difficult to please. Demands for higher level of fuel efficiency are coupled with all the comforts, infotainment features and the latest in technology while competitive pricing also plays a major role.

Till a few years ago, Maruti Suzuki Alto and Hyundai Motors’ Santro dominated the scene where fuel efficient vehicles were concerned. Today, this picture is altogether different with most auto manufacturers honing their skills on introducing fuel efficient cars. Tata Nano compares well on this front, offering a mileage of 25.4 kmpl while Indica offers 25 kmpl. Chevrolet Beat, Nissan Micra and a host of other models also offer equally competitive fuel consumption ratings.

Trucks in India form the lifeline where trade, industry and commerce are concerned. These trucks are loaded to the brim and pose a threat to life and limb on Indian streets and highways and yet are an intrinsic part of our wellbeing. It is these heavy duty vehicles that account for an alarming amount of fuel consumption. Challenges apart, regulations related to fuel consumption of trucks needs to be tackled on a war footing. Within a growing economy, the demand for trucks is increasing by leaps and bounds and with it the demand for fuel.


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