Funky Suzuki Hustler Scoot concept coming to Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki is gearing up for a busy Tokyo Motor Show with equally interesting representations from both four and two wheeler departments. Especially, the Suzuki Hustler Scoot is sure to grab attention with its non-conformist design and smart storage solutions.

With its pop culture paint scheme, the moped pays tribute to the 1967 247 cc two stroke motorcycle by the same name. It’s to be noted that Suzuki had also unveiled a funky Hustler four wheeler concept last year with a similar character.

The Hustler Scoot dons a minimalist design with an orange and silver color theme. The apron houses a rectangular LED headlamp and the steering is devoid of any¬†bodywork. Apart from the conventional underseat storage compartment, the Scoot gets a removable color coordinated suitcase that fits snugly on the rider’s foot board, and a rear luggage rail. The vehicle also has a provision to carry longer objects like a tennis racket under the seat.

Suzuki Hustler Scoot concept long luggage
The underseat storage box has a provision to accommodate longer objects.

The concept is powered by a puny 49 cc single-cylinder air-cooled 4-stroke engine whose specs were not discussed by the company yet. Much like the GSX Concept, Suzuki Hustler Scoot is expected to be merely a showpiece which demonstrates the brand’s ability to create an eclectic mix of two wheelers.

Suzuki Hustler Scoot Concept – Photos