Is this the future of car websites? Meet your Match says VW

Meet your Match says VWVW claims that this new website is very different from other branded car shopping sites. Their new website layout makes it easier for customers, which has been built with tablet first concept. This makes navigation easier. The profile page has all information with respect to features, specifications, warranty, photographs, accessories and dealer information besides displaying tools such as Payment Estimator on each vehicle.

The highlight of this website is that it allows buyers to shop for features they desire and view cars currently available at dealerships in their vicinity. The site features over 80,000 profile pages of in-stock cars which in turn results in customers coming into dealerships more than likely to make the purchase instantly. The website received inspiration from online dating and e commerce websites allowing buyers to ferret out exactly what their hearts desire where colour, model, features, etc, are concerned.

While some viewers praised the redesigned website of Volkswagen, others stated that its minimalistic style made sourcing of some information hard to discover. These were the mixed responses of viewers to the new website of Volkswagen following its soft launch last week. We have already checked out the new VW for America website, you too can take a look here. For more information, scroll through the press release below.