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GAC Trumpchi and GA5 in Transformers: Age of Extinction

The sci-fi film highlights GAC’s cool and fashionable product offering. When being chased by Decepticons, it is GA5 that enables actors to escape and arrive in Hong Kong safely.

There’s no denying that Hollywood Sci-Fi films do what they do best, and aspects shown undergo rigorous review in order to be considered for inclusion.GAC Motor paves the way for Chinese automakers. It’s a first, and showcasing these Chinese cars puts focus on industry transformation. Cars from the far east are readying themselves to take on what we today know as global luxury carmakers.

In regards to quality of China-made new cars in J.D.Power 2013, GAC scored 97 points (lower score=better quality) as against an idustry average of 119 points. Gac’s story is one of hope, growth, quality and betterment as the first China-owned automaker with an above-average score. When compared with wholly imported cars or joint venture products, GAC’s 97 points is less than industry average of 104 points.

Trumpchi has made breakthroughs in R&D,tech, manufacturing and quality, after beginning out with “Building a car for families” as a concept. Today GAC has achieved rapid growth in the Chinese auto market. Since launch in 2010 up to today, sales volume has reached 85,000 units from a start at 17,000 units. As a result, profits of RMB250 million were reported as against being a money losing proposition at the start. GAC’s sales volume has tripled in short while enabling it to report CAGR that outdoes other Chinese brands.

Transformers: Age of Extinction director, Michael Bay and Wu Song, general manager of GAC MOTOR visited the automaker’s R&D institute and GAC MOTOR manufacturing plant in Guanzhou after filming in Beijing, and planted a Hainan scented wood (most valuable tree in China) at its plant. It is said that Michael Bay is greatly impressed with GAC and looks fowrard to a vehicle named after him one day.

GAC is keen to take China’s high-quality cars to the world. Transformers 4 provides overseas buyers an insight into its vehicle line-up. Working on its strategic goal of brand enhancement and overseas expansion, GAC passenger vehicles is now in 18 countries. Showrooms are planned in prime locations across Dubai. Brand enhancement gets a boost through exhibits at domestic and international auto shows, and official vehicle sponsor status at competitions and conferences. GAC vehicles are used by Chinese government officials in the film. Avant-garde E-jet concept car has been getting a fair bit of attention.GAC is working on principles of Introducing, self-improvement, and going out.

South America, Middle East, Central and Western Asia are GAC’s breakthrough points. Entry to North America and Europe at the right time is part of the plan. Through progression, sales from export are expected to account for 20% of total future sales. That number will stand at 10% in the first 5 years of export buisness. The premiere yesterday saw Director Michael Bay and his mother, Mark Wahlberg, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Stanley Tucci, Li Bingbing, Nicola Peltz, Jack Reynor, Kelsey Grammer, Ray Lui, Rob Moore, Vice President of Paramount Pictures, Adam Goodman, President of Paramount Film Group, Marc Evans, President of Production of Paramount Pictures and Randy Spendlove, President of Motion Picture Music at Paramount Pictures, Greg Foster, CEO of IMAX Entertainment, Madeline Mulqueen, Tom DeSanto, Mac Reynolds, Daniel Platzman, Ben McKee, Steve Jablonsky, Randy Spendlove, Wayne Sermon, Dan Reynolds, Teresa Daley, Austin Lin, Candice Zhao, Byron Li,Han Gengarrives, Steve Jablonsky, and So Takei among others attended the film’s global premiere. Imagine Dragons performed their song, “Battle Cry,” from the film at the Ocean Terminal Rooftop Car Park.

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