Gautam Singhania will drift at 2014 Nissan Extreme Torque Show

drifting Gautam SinghaniaThe event saw Chinese Taipei Motor Sports Association (CTMSA) extend an invitation to to ASNs (National Sporting Authority) in the Region to participate in their inaugural Green Drifting Gymkhana Prix 2015 to be held in Kaohsiung.

“Nine ASNs have already shown interest,” the CTMSA said. FMSCI also proposes sending an official Indian team. “Drifting is very exciting to watch, and I am sure being a viewer-friendly and easy-to-practice sport, it will go a long way in promoting motorsports amongst the auto buffs in the country,” said Akbar Ebrahim who was recently nominated by the FMSCI as India’s Deputy representative in the FIA.

Gautam Singhania drifting“Gautam Singhania’s passion for motorsports in general and his pioneering effort in popularizing drifting in India is well known,” said Ebrahim.earlier this month, Singhania won both races in the opening round of 2014 Pirelli Ferrari Open held at Brands Hatch, UK.

Gautam Singhania said, “I am delighted to represent India in the forthcoming Nissan Extreme Torque Show in England. I am looking forward to participate in this event. Drifting as a motorsport has always attracted and intrigued me. I always wanted to learn this form of motorsport and will definitely pursue this sport further. The drifting car is a testimony to that and I have been practicing in it to hone my drifting skills.”

Gautam Singhania won his debut amateur category stint in the All Stars European Drifting Championship in Malta in September 2012. In 2013, he unveiled India’s first purpose-built drifting car. The founder of India’s Super Car Club is promoting drifting as an auto sport. Singhania also holds the lap record at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) in a non-open wheel car.