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Goenka e-storm and e-champ unveiled at 2015 EV Expo

The Electric Vehicle Expo held from December 24-27, 2015 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi saw Goenka Electric Motor Vehicles Pvt. Ltd (GEM) foray into the 2 wheeler segments with e-storm and e-champ. The Expo was inaugurated by Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari who was also seen visiting the Goenka EV stall where he launched the two bikes.

Slated for launch in markets in early 2016, Goenka e-storm and e-champ are being introduced with special emphasis on environmentally friendly technology. e-storm (in the image above) receives a 2000 W BLDC motor with 6 rechargeable batteries which need to be charged for 6-7 hours via a regular plug point. The e-storm has speed capacity of 50-70 kmph. On the other hand, e-champ is a low capacity bike with speeds upto 25-30 kmph. It is powered by a 250 W BLDC motor with 48 V battery. The bike does not require ICAT approval and hence users do not need a license to ride this bike.

Goenka e-champ at 2015 EV Expo

GEM e-storm and e-champ (in the image above) are first ever all Indian environment friendly bikes. 100% made in India, the e-champ is plain in overall appearance while the GEM e-storm grabs attention with its sporty stance and unconventional looks. It is based on the company experience in the making of electric rickshaws that these to bikes have been introduced. The two wheeler electric vehicles will be produced at the company plant in Sonipath, Haryana from where the company also produces the E-Rickshaw on the 4 assembly line which are not only sold in India but also exported to a host of other Asian countries.

Gem e-storm and e-champ come in to compete with a host of e-scooters in India that include the Hero Electric Zion, BSA Fusion, and Hero Electric Maxi.

Photos from 2015 EV Expo

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