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Gemopai To Launch Miso Mini Electric Scooter – Officially Teased

Gemopai Electric sells a range of e-scooters in India which are priced attractively

Targeting a potential increase in personal mobility in Covid-19 era, EV manufacturer Gemopai has announced plans to launch a mini-scooter named Miso in the Indian market. The company is positioning Miso as a first-of-its-kind product that meets the requirements of social distancing.

The e-scooter will have only one seat for the rider. It won’t have a pillion seat. Electric scooters allow better social distancing than petrol scooters, as these can be charged at home and do not require a visit to crowded fuel stations.

Gemopai Miso is expected to be launched in June 2020. It will be offered in two variants, one with a rear loading carrier meant for commercial use and another without the carrier targeted at everyday commuters. Miso will be essentially a no-frills electric scooter focused on providing an easy and affordable way to commute. It will have minimal bodywork so that range can be optimized and parking requires significantly less space as compared to a standard electric scooter.

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Powering Miso will be a 1 KW battery connected to a 250W motor. It is possible that Gemopai may launch Miso with multiple battery options. The range could be around 65 to 70 km on a full charge. As the focus is on ease of use and optimal range, we can expect top speed of Miso to be around 25-30 kmph. In the commercial space, Miso will be suitable for deliveries and other B2B operations.

Gemopai Miso has been developed as per the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative. The entire manufacturing and assembly is done in India. Only exception is the battery pack that is imported. Once launched, Miso will be available at most Gemopai dealers across the country. Gemopai Miso is expected to be launched at an affordable price of around Rs 45,000.

Gemopai is joint venture between Goreen E-Mobility and China based Opai Electric. The latter is one of the largest EV manufacturers with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing electric two-wheelers. The company’s global sales of electric two-wheelers has already crossed the 15 million mark. Opai’s primary markets include Asia, Europe and Americas.

Gemopai’s current portfolio comprises two electric scooters, Astrid Lite and Ryder. Astrid Lite comes with a 1.7Kw lithium-ion battery pack and has a range of 75-90 km depending on the mode selected. It has three riding modes of Economy, City and Sports. Range can be extended to 150 – 180 km by opting for a dual battery setup. Astrid Lite has a 48w/20Ah lithium ion battery and offers a range of 70 km.

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