General Motors and ABB showcase battery reuse


General Motors, global leaders in auto manufacture along with ABB leader in power and automation technologies have come together to showcase battery reuse. The repackaging of five used Chevrolet Volt batteries in a modular unit is capable of providing two hours of electricity to run between three to five average American homes.

This system of energy conservation was demonstrated at the General Motors’ Electrification Experience wherein the unit provided 25 kW power and 50 kWh energy for lighting and audio visual equipment demonstrated at the event. It is this same system using a Chevrolet Volt battery pack which can be used to collect energy, feed it to the grid which in turn can be used to power houses or offices most economically and efficiently. The energy storage system will run on remote power back up mode with 100% power coming from Volt batteries with use of Energy Storage Inverter System from ABB.

This sort of energy system is called as community energy storage which is different from substation energy storage systems. This innovative system also puts into focus General Motors’ commitment to environmental and societal benefits of their batteries used in their electric vehicles which can be recycled and put to additional use to benefit the community at large while reducing waste to a great extent.



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