General Motors CEO Mary Barra vows to rebuild customer trust

General Motors CEO Mary Barra“The issues raised in the hearing were tough but fair. I appreciate the intense interest by the senators to fully understand what happened and why. I am going to accomplish exactly that, and we will keep Congress informed. Meanwhile, we will continue doing all we can to repair our customers’ vehicles and rebuild their trust in GM,” said Barra.

GM retained Kenneth Feinberg as a consultant look into options in its response to families of accident victims for vehicles recalled for possible ignition switch defects.

“Mr. Feinberg is highly qualified, and is very experienced in the handling of matters such as this,” said Barra. “He brings expertise and objectivity to this effort, and will help us evaluate the situation and recommend the best path forward.”

Feinberg has handles compensation issues related to 9/11, BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and Boston Marathon bombing.

“My mandate from the company is to consider the options for dealing with issues surrounding the ignition switch matter, and to do so in an independent, balanced and objective manner based upon my prior experience,” Feinberg said.

“Our employees and I are determined to set a new standard,” said Barra “Our customers and their safety are at the center of everything we do.”