General Motors to become largest automaker in the world, Volkswagen takes second place, and Toyota third

Volkswagen has held on to a dream of becoming the world’s most successful auto maker by 2018. This dream of selling the most cars globally is not expected to materialize in 2011.  As per analysts from J.D. Power, PwC Autofacts and IHS Automotive, average sales of VW for the year 2011 is 8.1 million vehicles as against Toyota sales of 7.27 million and General Motors auto sales of 7.55 million.

However, fact checkers don’t agree to the estimated vehicle sales numbers because J.D. Power, PwC Autofacts and IHS Automotive analysts didn’t begin with accurate 2010 global sales figures for the forecast in yearly percentage gain.

If current vehicle sale patterns persist for the remainder of 2011 the global auto sales race will look like this. In 2010, General Motors sold 8.48 million vehicles and is looking at an 8% sales gain for 2011, which would make General Motors the world’s largest automaker for the year with 9.16 million sales. This would help GM realize their target of becoming world’s number one car manufacturer earlier than expected.

Toyota is likely to secure third place in the top automaker race with a 9% sales decrease that equates to 7.55 million units compared to 8.56 million vehicles sold in 2010. This sees, Volkswagen move in as second largest automaker with a 13.9 percent sales increase to 8.29 million units estimated sales, as compared to 7.34 million in 2010.

The German automakers said last week that their total sales increased by 14% this year as compared to the first 9 months of the previous year.  Mr. Christian Klinger, Group Board Member of Sales said that the company delivered 6 million vehicles from January to September 2011 and would in all likelihood reach a target of 8 million by the end of 2011. Toyota sales suffered immensely due to the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan earlier this year.  Supplies were affected resulting in decreased production, and drop in sales.