Genesis future plans leaked – 5 more cars, includes SUVs, coupe

Hyundai showcased the first ever car under their luxury brand Genesis at 2016 Detroit Motor Show. G90 is the first offering from Genesis premium luxury brand. Though it was clear that Hyundai was going to launch 6 new cars under the Genesis nameplate by 2020, to take on the German trio of Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, it was not revealed as to which cars will be launched.

Now, a leaked photo online reveals that exclusive details. Under the Genesis nameplate by 2020, Hyundai will launch two more sedans, two more SUVs and a coupe.

genesis future plans

As per the leaked info, by 2017 Hyundai will launch G70 and G80 sedans, based on the concept showcased earlier this year. These will be slotted below the G90. G80 is expected to take on the likes of E-Class, A6 and 5 Series while the G70 will take on the C-Class, A4 and the 3 Series. Hyundai calls the G80 a mid-luxury sedan while the G70 in their books is a near-luxury sedan.

Somewhere between 2017 and 2020, first Genesis SUV will be launched. This will be in the form of a mid-luxury SUV. By 2020, Genesis will also add a near-luxury SUV and a near-sport luxury coupe to their line-up.

Genesis G90 from Hyundai
Genesis G90 from Hyundai

It is not clear yet what will form the platform for these new cars. But it will be safe to believe that there will be a lot of sharing between similar sized models. Engine and transmission options will also be shared to save costs.

Genensis Mid-Size Sedan Concept

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