German engines and car owners a perfect match: Indian auto market loves these vehicles

German cars have made their mark in the auto world. Meticulous engineering, higher level of dependability, superior performance and top order driving dynamics is what has made these vehicles more attractive to buyers across the globe.

Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen have gained and retained their place in the worldwide markets and have been increasing in popularity even in Indian auto sectors.  Audi A4 and Volkswagen Vento are among some of the more preferred cars especially in recent times where Indians are seeing increased purchasing power and opting for more expensive models.

What is it that makes these German automobiles more preferred?  Superiority of quality is the number one reason.  German models can be seen with the best in quality, safety and driving experience and have passed the test even at higher speeds.  The speed limit across the Autobahn is 100 miles per hour and all German models have to meet these speed limits while at the same time offering excellent handling and safety features even when pushed to the limits of 130 miles per hour.  It is this in particular that gives German cars an edge over cars from other manufacturers.

One aspect Indian buyers have to contend with is the fact that these cars require is the higher cost of maintenance.  However, with German auto companies concentrating on Indian auto market in recent years and with the number of sales and service dealerships that have come up across the length and breadth of the country this hurdle is easily overcome and Indian attitude to purchasing foreign cars is undergoing a dramatic change.  Indian buyers look at the overall picture and hence opt for German cars since they offer the whole package deal where power, engine, performance, interiors, space, features and last but by no means the least, price is concerned.