Germany approves VW’s dieselgate fix

Germany’s Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has approved VW’s proposed fix for the cars that are affected by the dieselgate. The car maker will recall 800,000 diesel cars to fix the defeat device which circumvents the emission tests.

VW says that the software fix will not affect the performance or fuel efficiency of the vehicles.

VW Dieselgate impact on India
VW has issued a recall of 800,000 cars in Germany.

We can hear you ask, “Whey did they use the defeat device in first place if they can achieve the same levels of performance and economy in a straightforward way?!”

The EA189 series diesel engines have a defeat device (a software which is a part of engine management system) which remaps the engine automatically to reduce emissions when the car is strapped on to a test rig. In real world condition, the device favors economy and performance by emitting much higher than the legal limit.

The automaker says that all 800,000 customers have been notified about the recall and they will receive a second letter instructing them to set up an appointment with their nearest VW workshop. Volkswagen is working with other governments across the world including the US where the issue came to light to receive similar approvals for repair.

2014 Volkswagen Passat Performance (1)
The company is working towards getting a similar approval in the US.

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The VW dieselgate has affected over 8.5 million vehicles worldwide and has set the German automaker’s long-term plans back.

2016 VW Passat – Photos

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