18 yr old girl dies after falling off the bike during a wheelie

18 yr old girl dies after falling off the bike during a wheelie

Kirtan Richie, 18, a student of JD Institute of Fashion Technology tried to impress a girl he had just met by performing a wheelie. While Shiny Kiran K was riding pillion, Richie performed the wheelie which led to her falling off the bike causing death as she came under the wheels of a mini truck coming from behind.

The accident occurred at Old Madras Road on 1st Sep 2016, while Richie was arrested on Tuesday. He has confessed to the police stating that he was trying to impress the girl he had just met. Richie is an expert in biking stunts and regularly thrills his friends by performing such antics.

The girl who died - Shiny Kiran K
The girl who died – Shiny Kiran K

Richie had just met Shiny at a pub on 27th August and regaled her about his biking prowess. They exchanged numbers and were in touch with each other following which they decided to meet on 1st September.

Borrowing a second hand Yamaha from his friend that has been specially designed for performing a wheelie, Richie picked up his new friend from KFC at Indranagar and took her to Kasturi Nagar Park. On the way back, in front of Gopalan Mall, Kirtan suddenly performed a wheelie to impress her which resulted in Shiny falling off the bike while a passing canter truck ran over her.

Keertan Richie
Keertan Richie

Richie sped away without helping the girl and has been arrested U/s 304 IPC for committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder. This carries a maximum punishment of 10 years. The canter driver has also been arrested and has confirmed the story that the biker ahead of him performed a wheelie in front of his canter leading to the death of the girl.

Incident of performing bike stunts on public roads is on the rise. Not only it is dangerous to those performing, but also to others on the road. Below is one such video where a biker is performing a wheelie with his girlfriend as a pillion. Leave alone public road safety, none of them are wearing any safety gear.

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