Fleet Managers should opt for five star safety: Global NCAP

BT Fleet orders 242 efficient new VauxhallGlobal NCAP urges to fleet managers who have operations across the globe to set standards which are equal, no matter where they are operating. It has been observed in some cases that due to lack in regulations and safety standards in emerging markets, buyers have bought cars which have failed basic safety tests. These cars do not have Airbags, ABS or ESC, making passengers vulnerable in case of an accident.

Global NCAP Secretary General David Ward said: “Any organization can improve safety by carefully selecting the vehicles it uses. Global NCAP encourages all fleet managers both public and private to make ‘five star’ safety their goal in the UN Decade of Action. “By following Global NCAP’s new guidelines, it will be easier for organisations to ensure that the safety of their vehicle fleet provides acceptable levels of protection to their employees.”

Global NCAP says that operators should have standard policy which should keep in mind the safety of employees. Some operators have already put such policy in use. For eg, BHP Billiton, the world’s largest resource extraction company, has already put such a policy in practice. And so have Australian and Swedish Government.

Max Mosley, Chairman of Global NCAP, said: “If a company provides a car for their staff to use, it should be as safe as reasonably possible. A five-star or Top Pick safety rating is the best indication of this. It’s prudent also to check whether cars also meet the UN’s minimum safety regulations. With so many global brands neglecting to apply these regulations, fleet managers and company car drivers should not assume basic safety comes as standard.”