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GM India advocates use of diesel for a cleaner and greener future


At a recently held SIAM – Society of Indian Automobile manufacturers conference titled ‘Diesel For Future: Economy and Environment’, GM has strongly advocated use of diesel fuel to power vehicles in the future as it would translate into a cleaner and greener future. Diesel engines are 90% cleaner as compared to petrol engines. Diesel engines are also 20-25% more efficient as compared to petrol engines. More over if one uses good quality fuel they will be able to use their vehicles without having need to worry about harmful emissions and bad fuel economies.

In current economic scenario, suddenly increasing rates of diesel and lowering rates of petrol fuels will spell disaster, so to avoid such a situation one needs to slowly implement a price rise/decrease to benefit one and all.

There are a number of diesel engine variants that are being used in vehicles these days to provide superior performance and improved fuel economies. Brands like Tata, Toyota, Maruti, Fiat, Honda, Mahindra, Volkswagen, Renault Skoda and Hyundai have launched diesel vehicles for the Indian car market which have been accepted with much aplomb.


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