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GMC Hummer Electric To Debut On 20th Oct – New Teaser Out

After months of waiting, there is finally a date announcement – on which the Hummer Electric will make global debut

GMC Hummer Electric Teaser
Screenshot from new Hummer EV teaser

Aiming to achieve supremacy in an all-electric future, General Motors will soon be launching several next-gen electric vehicles. One of these will be new Hummer EV, which has been scheduled for launch on October 20. GMC Hummer EV will debut on various prominent media such as American TV series ‘The Voice’ and 2020 Major League Baseball (MLB) World Series.

As may be recalled, the ‘Hummer’ nameplate had remained dormant since 2010, when its production was discontinued. General Motors had tried selling the brand, but bankable deals did not materialize.

While the original Hummer may never return, GM will be using the nameplate for its new electric pickup truck and SUV. These will be sold under the GMC brand, a division of GM, focused exclusively on trucks and utility vehicles.

GMC Hummer EV design & features

Just like original Hummer, the Hummer EV has a rugged, boxy design. Key features include a short bonnet, steeply raked windshield, roof mounted spoiler, and knobby tyres. It comes with a unique open-air design, wherein the roof panels and the front T-bar can be easily removed.

The experience will be similar to that of a convertible. In the wild, the open-air design will allow users to experience the great outdoors in its truest form. It will also enable panoramic views of the skies, something that would be difficult to achieve with a standard sunroof.

GMC Hummer EV power and torque

Powering Hummer EV will be the advanced Ultium batteries that have been developed in-house by GM. Ultium batteries are unlike any other in the industry, as they provide the flexibility to stack battery cells vertically or horizontally. This allows efficient space utilization and customization in accordance with the design of the vehicle.

GM has revealed that Hummer EV’s powertrain will be capable of generating up to 1000 hp of max power and 15,590 Nm of max torque. It will offer super-fast acceleration, reaching 0 to 60 miles per hour (96.5 kmph) in just 3 seconds.

Although exact battery specs are not available at this point of time, GM had earlier revealed that Ultium batteries will be available in the range of 50 to 200 kWh capacity. Estimated range of these batteries is up to 400 miles (~ 640 km). Ultium batteries will come with fast-charging option.

Crab mode

An industry-first feature of Hummer EV will be Crab mode that allows the vehicle to move diagonally. When activated, all four tyres move in the same direction, allowing diagonal movement. This feature could come handy in an off-road environment.

New Hummer EV will take almost an year to reach production stage after its unveil in October 2020. However, bookings will be open at the time of launch. Deliveries are expected to commence soon after production begins. In addition to US, GMC Hummer EV will also be sold in select international markets.

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