Goa Mayor falls into a nullah – Perfect example of flouting norms (Video)

When it comes to flouting norms, most systems that are in place are ignored. Be it buses filled beyond capacity, an extra pillion on bikes, multiple kids in auto rickshaws enroute to school, commuters hanging from doors in overcrowded trains, there’s no such thing as too many people.

Comes as no surprise then that Mayor Surendra Furtado, Corporation of City of Panjim (CCP) and six others were onboard a de-weeding vessel all at once. The vessel is designed to carry two people, an operator and a helper.

Goa Mayor falls into a nullah (2)

A perfect opportunity to draw press, the initial demonstration may not have been enough for those present. Once the vessel started losing balance, it was only a matter of seconds before it turned turtle, taking down all aboard.

Hopefully, the nullah experience will serve a purpose next time someone thinks of doing something so stupid. Not the greatest press moment for those in charge, but it sure did provide for a few good laughs at the cost of someone’s stupidity.

Those who slipped into St Inez creek were unhurt but may have bruised something else. The creek serves as living proof of noticeable garbage and waste pile up in what should have been a clean water source. Hopefully, the dip in this murky stench highlights the gravity of the situation.

Taleigao legislator Jennifer Monserrate wasn’t too happy about how things went down having already informed the mayor that the vessel wasn’t capable of handling more than two people.

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