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Goodyear at 2016 Auto Expo (Photos and Video)

The highlight of Goodyear’s stall at the ongoing 2016 Auto Expo was the debut of their two concept tyres – BHO3 and Triple Tube. These two tyres univocally promoted the Goodyear’s theme for this year’s show – ‘Challenging the Limits’. So what is so special about these new tyre concepts from Goodyear? We dig further to find more details.

We know that rubber acts as an insulator against electricity. At the same time, tyres are always in a circular motion when the car is moving, so is it possible to generate electricity from them?

Explaining their new tech, Goodyear staff at the Auto Expo tell us that their new tyre concept actually generates its own current. Goodyear BH03 Tyre concept generates electricity with the action of materials used in the tyre that transforms energy created by heat.

The tyre sees the incorporation of special thermoelectric fibres that convert heat energy from friction caused due to contact with the road. The piezoelectric material also allows for less pressure from continuous change in tyre shape while on the go. No other technical specifications of Goodyear BH03 were revealed, while the company has confirmed that it is still in concept format and nowhere near production.

As surprising the BH03 concept, the next one was equally impressive – Goodyear Triple Tube concept. They have a main chamber & an internal pump through which it would regulate pressure to 3 underlying air chambers. Each of the chambers in the tubes can be inflated or deflated as per road conditions thereby contributing to better rolling resistance, improved safety & an overall a superb driving experience. Voila!

Along with showcasing tyres with advanced technologies, Goodyear stall at the 2016 Auto Expo had also lined up some informative and fun activities for visitors. One such activity was Electro Wheel Game. All we had to do was using our bare hands, we had to spin one of the tyres, to see how much electricity it generates. Once you spin the tyre, the display shows you how much electricity you managed to generate by spinning the tyre. There are two such tyres, so you can also compete with friends as well.

Apart from this, an astronaut is also present at the Goodyear stall. Kids visiting the stall were very happy to see him. Goodyear had also arranged for some fabulous prizes for visitors to their stall. These could be won by winning the spin competition or by clicking a selfie with their astronaut and posting it online with the hashtag #GYatExpo16

For those who are not able to visit the Auto Expo, Goodyear has also launched an online version of their #TapTheTyre Game, which you can play on your computer or smartphone even in the offline mode as well.





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