Goodyear partners with Plan India to support ECCDs

Goodyear has partnered with Plan India to support Early Childhood Care Development Centres (ECCDs) in both cities. The collaboration benefits children as they will receive immunizations and their health monitored regularly. Both will work together to ensure kids are provided get age appropriate nutrition through regular meals each day.

Goodyear Plan India
Rajeev Anand VC and MD of Goodyear India handing over the Cheque to Plan India

Rajeev Anand, vice chairman and managing director of Goodyear in India says with growth of infrastructure and development activities in urban areas, a large numbers of labourers make a move to major cities. Many a times, they migrate with their families and children, and reside in temporary housing near construction sites. Among hardships endured is difficulty to access healthcare and education. Goodyear partners with Plan India as the latter has over 10 years of experience in early childhood care and development approaches kids residing at or around construction sites.

ECCDs ensure a safe and quality learning environment and offer counselling to parents on ante natal/post natal care. thsi includes know-how on child feeding practices, hygienic living and immunization. Centres aid parents in with children’s admissions in government schools.

Bhagyashri Dengle, executive director, Plan India says early childhood is the period of development from pre-natal through transition from home or ECCD centre into the early primary grades. Children’s overall well-being in early years is a key focus area in an andeavour to prvide holistic care for the development of children between 0-6 years at home and centres.