Google Maps will soon be able to find free parking spots for your car

Google Maps 9.34 update will now include a much-awaited feature. This new feature that will indicate users where parking spots are available, and thus saving them the trouble of going around parking lots searching for a free spot.

The feature was first spotted by Android Police in Google Maps v9.34 Beta. While it is yet unclear how Google plans on accumulating this information, it is also to be ascertained whether this feature will be based on time of the day or specific events. With Google sending out updates in the days ahead, these points will be made clear.

Google Maps update parking spot

Along with giving parking information, the app will also come in with ‘keep map North up’ replacing the ‘Tilt Map’ option. This will disable the free map rotation with navigation function while it will also include a re-center button in the event of the user accidently swiping the map obstructing both destination and route.

Google Map v9.34 Beta can be downloaded and installed via apk file available with APK Mirror website. Google Map has also introduced an update to include multiple-stop support which has made its way first to the web version and followed by both Android and iOS.

via androidpolice

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