Google updates Maps for Android and iOS

Google updates Maps for Android and iOSGoogle has added new filters to Maps offering users all the information not only where locating the place is concerned but also details such as opening hours, rating, prices and a host of other details. Visitors to a new city will also be given information on which trains to board to get to their new destination. Users can have access to transit schedules, the last train home option, specific restaurants, bars, hotels and also the facility to save all information for a next visit to the same locations. It also works where vehicles for hire service Uber is concerned.

This new feature is an improvement on lane guidance which offers step by step direction as against a map view. Google has ensured that commuters do not take any wrong turns and can also switch to alternate routes. These upgraded Maps will give information such as distance and time to reach the destination.

This system also works when there is poor internet connectivity which could otherwise prove to be a hurdle when accessing Maps while travelling. The new update allows users to save a map with custom name for reference offline at a later time and this feature comes in handy for those planning their trip well in advance. For more information, scroll through the press release below.