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GoPro mounted inside the tyre of a Mercedes – One of its kind video

YouTube channel Warped Perception installs a GoPro inside the wheel of a sedan and drives it around

The ‘action camera’ could be one of the most influential inventions of the 21st century, in the field of creative video content production. One cannot deny that GoPro is the name that revolutionised the concept of action cameras. In fact, the word “GoPro” is often used synonymously with action cameras in general — much like how the American document services company, Xerox is widely considered as a synonym for taking a photocopy.

Key highlights of a modern-day action camera include compactness, ruggedness, waterproofing, ability to record 4K video at 60fps; slow-motion recording (240fps is the current standard), time-lapse, multiple connectivity or pairing options and most importantly, the convenience of being attachable (using accessories) on almost every solid surface known to mankind. As of now, the GoPro Hero8 Black is arguably the best action camera on the market.

A Different Automotive Application

Ever since its advent, we have come across several applications of action cameras in automotive or related content creation. Meanwhile, Warped Perception on YouTube has found a pointless yet totally interesting use of a GoPro Hero 7, by placing it inside the wheel of a pre-facelift W211 Mercedes-AMG E55 mid-size V8 sedan (new 2021MY E63 AMG out).

Warped Perception is quite popular on social media for its slow-motion videos that aim to give an extended perception of regular surroundings. However, this could be one of their most successful uploads in recent times as views inch close to five million, in just about a week.

The Experiment

The video starts by explaining the essentials required inside the front-right 245/40R18-section tyre, along with the GoPro. They include a protective case, powerbank, USB cable and LED lighting. After some initial confusions, the accessories are mounted in the wheel’s ‘drop centre’ with the GoPro facing forward. GoPro’s dedicated smartphone app gives a live feed of what is happening inside, right from mounting the tyre on the wheel.

Air is filled and the wheel is attached back on the hub assembly. It is finally time for the most important part — driving the car around and seeing what happens inside the wheel of a moving vehicle, in real-time.

Needless to say, the result looks far more interesting in video than in words. But here is an overview: the car is taken over well-paved and poorly-paved surfaces. One need not be explained about what happens to an automobile tyre upon hitting an undulation. Yet Warped Perception’s casual experiment gives an unusual insight into the flexing phenomenon. The car is driven at different speeds and towards the end, the wheel is put through a sharp turn as well.

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