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Government invites snap bid for 300 electric vehicle chargers

As India gears up to sell only electric vehicles by 2030, the first set of electric vehicles bid for by EESL will roll off assembly lines from Tata Motors and Mahindra and Mahindra. These vehicles are to be supplied to Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) for which the Government of India has invited snap bids for 300 electric vehicle chargers by 20th November. While the all electric dream envisions a clean future, the parameter of all may not be all encompassing by the set timeline.

Work on electric vehicle charging infrastructure is an yet to be explored field, the lack of which, thwarts any attempt by the common man to shift to an electric realm. With no opportunities of using electric vehicle chargers at public spaces, one’s only option is to buy a charging device with the car, and leave it plugged in at night in order to be mobile the next day.

Bids for the 300 electric vehicle chargers for 500 electric sedans to be supplied to EESL have been received from ABB, Siemens, BHEL and Delta Power Solutions India Ltd. These are among 10 other companies who have submitted their technical bids for the EV charging stations even as the first set of electric vehicles roll in next month.

Bidders who qualify for the EV charging stations will have to get these chargers tested at IIT Madras after which the financial bids of only those qualifying will be opened. It may be recalled that EESL had floated a tender earlier this year for the supply of 10,000 electric vehicles.

Tata Motors won the tender and will be supplying these EVs in two phases with the first 500 e-cars to be completed by November and the balance 9,500 EVs in the second phase. Tata Motors’ lowest bid was at INR 10.16 lakhs inclusive of GST which will be supplied to EESL at INR 11.22 lakhs inclusive of GST and 5 years comprehensive warranty.

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