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Govt to penalize car makers for making unsafe / faulty cars

The Central Government’s new Road Safety Bill clamps down on automakers and on individuals for use of unauthorized components which could put safety at stake. The Bill seeks to ensure that all vehicles plying on roads are as safe as possible.

Failure of automakers to launch cars which pass safety crash tests, would attract a fine of INR 100 crores. If there is a fault with the car, a compulsory recall order will have to be issued.

Dealers and body makers could face fine upto INR 1 lakh per vehicle while component dealers could be fined INR 1 lakh for sale of non-approved safety components for vehicles.

Besides penalizing automakers, the Bill could also attract a penalty of INR 5,000 on car owners for use of unauthorized components and other attachments that include fog lamps, pressure horns, extra lights and roof top carriers besides metallic protectors.

New Road Safety Bill is a part of recommendations initiated by state transport ministers headed by Rajasthan Transport Minister Yunoos Khan. The panel also seeks stricter penalties for drunk driving, driving by minors, exceeding speed limits and talking on phone while driving which includes steep fines and imprisonment.

Drivers with fake licenses could face fines of INR 10,000 and imprisonment upto 1 year, up from a current INR 500 fine and jail term of 3 months. In case of underage drivers, guardians of the driver or owner of the vehicle will be fined INR 20,000 and could face jail term of upto 3 years while vehicle registration could be canceled.

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With road safety being a matter of great concern with around 1.5 lakh fatalities occurring on India roads each year, these final recommendations without further delay and likely to be enforced sometime later this month.

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