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Govt officer slaps fuel attendant for taking time to fill fuel in his VIP car

A few days after India’s PM, Narendra Modi famously announced that there are no VIPs in India, as all its citizens are equally important, comes a case where a high ranking government officer is seen slapping a fuel attendant as he took time to fill fuel in the officer’s so called VIP car.

The incident took place at a fuel station in Yanam, Puducherry, a place situated on the Andhra Pradesh border. The senior officer of the Andhra Pradesh Excise Department was reportedly pissed off because he was asked to come in queue to fill fuel. The officer expected VIP treatment, and wanted the fuel attendant to fill fuel first in his car. See the video below.

This is not the first time govt officers, ministers, or the so called VIPs are caught on camera doing such shameful acts. A few months back, Shashikant Kalgude of Shiv Sena was driving a white coloured Mahindra Scorpio when he was stopped by a traffic policewoman on duty in Thane. The reason he was stopped was because he was talking on the phone while driving the car. After stopping Kalgude, the traffic policewoman (name withheld to protect identity) asked for his driving license and car documents.

Not responding the request of the cop on duty, Kalgude continued to talk on the phone. The cop then asked to step out of the car, but Kalgude still was not responding. The cop then opened the door of Kalgude’s car and tried to get him move out of his car. At this point, Kalgude lands a punch on the face of the cop, who is visibly shocked at what just happened.

Kalgude has now stepped out of his car and is threatening the cop. At this point, the woman cop is visibly threatened by Kalgude’s actions and pushes him away as he has now gotten out of his car and is standing over her. In a matter of seconds, Kalgude slaps the woman cop multiple times, and by the time help arrives, the cop had started bleeding.

Kalgude also slapped the person who came and tried to stop him. Finally, the crowd managed to restrain him until more cops arrived. He was later taken to Naupada police station where a case was filed against Kalgude by the woman cop. He was booked under sections 353 (assault or criminal force to deter public servant from discharge of his duty) and 354 (molestation) of the Indian Penal Code, and thereafter arrested.

Why such violence, disrespect and anger towards others? Locals claim that he is the leader of Shiv Sena party in his area. He also had Shiv Sena stickers and labels on his Mahindra Scorpio (many of them do that, probably to tell others – don’t mess with us).

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