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GPS equipped KTM Duke 390 stolen from Delhi, found in Lucknow – Owner helps police catch thief

Vinay was one of the first owners of the new KTM Duke 390, when the bike was launched last year in India. An avid biker, Vinay has rode his KTM Duke 390 to some of the most difficult terrains, including Sach Pass.

It goes without saying that like every other KTM Duke 390 owner, Vinay too loved his bike and took care of it in the best possible way. A few days back, Vinay went to meet a friend who has a cafe in Rohini Sector 11 Delhi. Vinay locked and parked his bike in front of G3S cinema and went to the cafe, which was just opposite. It was around 9 PM when he last saw his bike that night.

Vinay with his KTM Duke 390 before it was stolen.

After meeting his friend, Vinay returned to the parking spot where he had parked his bike. He returned at around 11-30 PM. To his surprise, the KTM Duke 390 had gone missing. He searched around, took help of watchman on duty, but to no avail. The bike was gone.

He then decided to approach the local police station to lodge an FIR online. Though he managed to register the FIR, he did not get the copy of it as there was some system failure that night. FIR was registered as he got the SMS on his phone.

Next day, he again came to the area from where his bike was stolen to make inquiries, but no one had seen the bike and nor could they shed any light on the robbery.

What the thief didn’t know, is that Vinay had installed a GPS device in his KTM Duke 390. Unfortunately, he was not able to track his bike because the subscription was expired. So he got in touch with the GPS maker, and explained them about his situation.

The GPS maker told Vinay to renew subscription online, which he did by 1-30 PM. By 4-30 PM he got the message that his GPS device subscription has been successfully renewed. Vinay immediately got online, and started tracking his bike. He now knew where his bike was. It was about 550 kms away from him, somewhere in the Alambagh area of Lucknow.

Tracking data revealed that the thief immediately left Delhi after stealing the bike the previous night.

After roaming in Lucknow, the thief parked the bike at the Badshah Nagar railway crossing. Luckily, Vinay had his biking group friends in Lucknow. He decided to contact them and take their help.

Vinay contacted his two friends Mr Babla and Mr Fahim in Lucknow and asked them to go and see if the said bike was parked in the area. Babla and Fahim reached Badshah Nagar at night, and guess what. They found Vinay’s KTM Duke 390 in the parking next to the railway crossing.

Babla and Fahim then approached Lucknow police. The cops arrived at the scene, but did not touch the bike. Instead, they devised a way to nab the thief too. So they put a chain lock on Vinay’s KTM Duke 390.

The next morning at 5.30 am, the thief came to take the Duke 390. But as it was locked, he could not. So the thief contacted the parking incharge person. The security person told the thief that he has the keys in his room and would go get it.

Instead the security person contacted the police who immediately arrived on the spot and managed to catch the thief. There were three more men with the thief, but they managed to escape.

Thief of the bike, handcuffed at Lucknow police station.

The thief is now in the custody of the Lucknow Mahanagar police, who also have Vinay’s KTM Duke 390 in their possession. Vinay too reached Lucknow and went to the Police Station. He saw his bike’s thief who was handcuffed and sitting on the floor.

Vinay did not get the possession of his motorcycle, because he did not have the FIR copy. Vinay is in the process of receiving the FIR copy after which he will be given possession of his bike after completion of necessary police formalities.

Vinay reiterates the importance of having GPS without which it would have been impossible for him to trace the bike. Apart from the device, Vinay is also thankful to Rider Mr. Baabla Da, Local support Mr. Faheem, Police Inspector Mr. Pradeep Mishra, Delhi support Himanshu Tiwari and Chetan Vats.

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