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Grand Kangoo and Dokker TPMR to be revealed at ‘Autonomic Méditerranée’ show

At the ‘Autonomic Méditerranée’ show Renault Tech will be revealing its Grand Kangoo and Dokker TPMR models for the public. At this event, Renault will for the first time present these two models for public viewing. The Grand Kangoo has been revamped keeping in mind Renaults ‘LudoSpace’ feature. It has been designed for people staying in city limits and is comfortable to drive around in congested areas.

Its design makes it easy to be used for shuttle services as also taxi services. Even though only a single variant will be available one can choose from a long list of customization options to design the vehicle as per their needs and requirements. Incorporation of a ramp is one of the interesting features of this vehicle which can be easily operated when needed.

Dokker TMPR has been designed to be a straight forward and robust conversion feature which will allow persons with disabilities/ those who use wheelchairs use a transportation module with ease. A choice of two of three equipment levels is available with customers free to choose customization options as per their needs. A composite floor structure and a load bearing ramp allows for accommodation of five fully abled passengers and one with reduced mobility.


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