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Grandpa fits 11 Phones on cycle to play Pokemon Go – Video

Pokemon Go has had its share of crazy fans and user engagement, but a Taiwanese Grandpa has taken gameplaying to an altogether new level. Grandpa Chen San-yuan has installed 11 smartphones on his bike and utilizes all of them to play Pokemon Go.

Chen is pretty much on continual play mode for several hours and could spend more time on the game, but can’t owing to battery limitations. Chen has installed battery packs in the basket of his bike, which allow him to play for the longest time possible.

Image – BBC

Owing to his limitless passion for Pokemon Go, Chen is a local celebrity and is affectionately called as Uncle Pokemon. According to estimates, Chen spends around £1,000 ($1,290) every month on playing Pokemon Go.

Chen got to know about the game from his grandson and he has been hooked ever since. He can often be seen on the streets of capital city, Taipei, where he plays his favourite mobile game. His battery packs allow him to stay out late at night to catch different avatars of Pokemon Go.

Mr Chen’s story went viral after his interview was featured in Taiwanese news channel EXP.GG. A post about Mr Chen on popular social media site Reddit also helped spread the word.

Mr Chen states that playing Pokemon Go has helped him make new friends and stay protected from Alzheimer’s disease. He has plans to add four more phones to his bike, to catch even more monsters. Pokemon Go took the world by storm in 2016, and now this Taiwanese grandpa appears to be creating a new league of fandom.


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