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Gravton Quanta Electric Two Wheeler Launch Price Rs 99k – 150 Kms Range

Gravton Quanta Electric Bike
Gravton Quanta Electric Bike

Gravton Quanta electric two-wheeler launched from Hyderabad based EV startup

In the company’s words, Gravton Quanta goes 800 kms for just 80 bucks – that is just Rs 10 for 100 kms or Re 1 for 10 kms. While the Hyderabad-based EV startup has just launched the Quanta electric bike, its vision to do so dates back to 2016. The home grown Quanta is designed from the ground up with indigenously designed and developed components. This gives Gravton EV brand the advantage of having manufactured the highest number of parts in India.

Designed for rural and urban India, Quanta features a robust and rib caged chassis for agility and safety to the battery compartment from theft and accident. Its 3 kWh Li-ion detachable battery gives a 150 km travel range on a single charge. The swap friendly chassis can accommodate two batteries. This means one can up ride range to 320 kms as needed.

Gravton Quanta Electric Bike
Gravton Quanta Electric Bike

Gravton Quanta colour options

Quanta is available in three colour options – Red, White, and Black. The latter being sold as a limited supply special edition. The order book is now opened, and one can complete the process online through its official website. With focus on being a sustainable mobility solution suited for Indian roads, Quanta’s chassis geometry and fine-tuned suspension eases manoeuvrability in city traffic, and on unpaved road conditions.

The 3KW proprietary BLDC motor is engineered for reduced mechanical losses and increased efficiency. Top speed is pegged at 70 kmph. One can depend on instant 170 Nm of maximum torque at wheel in any situation. Take a look at the performance of the electric bike in the video below.

With suspension bolted to a chassis, and 17″ wheels, a low centre of gravity is at the centre of its design language. This also makes the electric two-wheeler suitable for use in the countryside, and rougher terrain.

Gravton charging station free of cost

Gravton’s SES (Swap Eco System) is a convenience that boosts intelligent Urban Mobility Solution. It’s easy to locate the nearest Gravton’s battery station, order an extra battery, and swap it at any given location.

Fast charging option means you’re good to go in just 90 minutes. It’s roughly charging at the rate of 1 km/ minute. On regular mode, the battery is charged in 3 hours. Swap enabled chassis design helps in ease of battery removal for charging in the instance of non-availability of charging sockets. Gravton Quanta is available with five-year battery warranty and easy replacement assurance.

Gravton Quanta Electric Bike
Gravton Quanta Electric Bike

Quanta Smart App gives the rider total control. One can access Roadside assistance, mapping service stations, remote lock/ unlock and turning on or off the lights from a remote distance. GOTAC – Unique ECU feature relays whereabouts and overall vehicle health. Vehicle tracking and remote immobilization too can be accessed through the Smart App. Gravton Quanta launch price is listed at Rs. 99,000. An introductory promotional offer entails a Gravton charging station free of cost to limited users.

Parshuram Paka, Founder & CEO – Gravton Motors said, “While this product is largely meant for riders from across the segments, we also have one coming up in the sports category, primarily meant for action oriented passionate young bikers.”

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