Great Ford Endeavour Drive Coorg Edition to help understand SUV capabilities better

FORD has been synonymous with adventure and excitement. Through its Great Ford Endeavour Drive: Coorg Edition, the company will allow adrenaline fueled enthusiasts to experience ultimate off- roading scenarios when driving a Ford Endeavour. This drive will be coomenced on the 8th of November to 9th, where drivers will embark on a journey from Bangalore to Coorg which is India’s coffee capital.

Throughout the journey participants will be given opportunity to familiarize themselves with capabilities of the SUV. Excitement and exploration are two main features of the Great Ford Endeavour Drive. Earlier editions of the Great Ford Endeavour Drive have been held in Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad.

During the Coorg edition, enthusiasts will be taken on a journey through lush and scenic, Sandalkad Estate which house the Honey Pot Homestays. These surroundings are a perfect place for enthusiasts to experience passion of driving the Endeavour. Sahil Jatana a coffee expert will be travelling with the group and will share insights about roasting and brewing of coffee during this adventure.

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