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Great Wall Motors in UK, Chinese automotive to enter India SUV market

With this in mind, Great Wall Motors may be a new name to many in the west, but for those living in China it is extremely well known and here’s why. 35 years of experience. As a major player in the massive domestic Chinese market for more than 35 years, Great Wall has a reputation for providing products made to extremely high standards. In fact, they are now the biggest makers of pickup trucks and SUVs in China.

100 international markets. China’s emerging status as leaders on the world finance stage, means that success in their homeland lays the foundations for massive expansion abroad. To date, more than 700,000 models of The Steed have been sold across the world from over 100 different markets.

SUVs are also part of the company’s success story and the H6 is the best-selling SUV in China, where it outsells many of the most established Japanese and European brands. 58,000 H6 models were also sold world-wide in the first half of 2012, proving the company doesn’t just have home appeal.

62% more sales in India. Perhaps the most surprising news from the company has been the recent announcement of its intention to enter the Indian market in a big way. A delegation of Great Wall executives travelled to India to take advantage of the growing internal market in passenger utility vehicle sales. Helped in no small part by subsidies on diesel fuel, sales rose by 62% in the latter part of 2012.

Great Wall has set a target for manufacturing to start in India in 2016, which will make them the first Chinese company to be producing goods in this country, where emerging international consumer demand is attracting the attention of the world’s biggest producers and manufacturers.

1.5 million vehicles produced annually. By 2015, the company will also have the capacity to produce at least 1.5 million vehicles each year, for worldwide sales in both its sport-utility vehicles and pick-up trucks. The UK has already experienced the high standard of workmanship and design offered by the company’s products, so this supply is sure to be met with plentiful demand.

The Steed was launched in the UK in 2012, making Great Wall the first Chinese manufacturer to achieve significant volume sales of automobiles in this country. The H6 is the next vehicle from Great Wall Motors to come to the UK, which is expected to be similarly successful.

The company’s reputation is built on the way it uses state of the art technology in commercial vehicles, meaning high end features are included as standard. Using advanced processes in their production across the whole range, they have included galvanised panels and a rust-proofed chassis offer longevity and reliability, which is especially important when it comes to commercial sector sales. With such developments still on-going, Great Wall Motors is more than likely a name we’ll be hearing more of as we move forward.

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