Group Volkswagen up sales growth by 8.9% for January to June 2012

Sales for period January to June 2012 though challenging proved to be positive for Volkswagen Group. The company recorded a 8.9% increase in sales during first half of this year as they delivered 4.45 million vehicles worldwide. Speaking of June exclusively, the company recorded an 11.0% increase in sales. Sales stood at 798,500 as against 719,400 during June 2011.

These sales figures come at a time with other auto makers are reeling under difficult economic situation across European countries. Company targets are on track and though the second half of the year will be more challenging the company is confident of their performance.

Group half yearly sales increased 1.8% to 1.93 million in Europe while in Western Europe sales were down however in Central and Eastern Europe sales increased 27.3% to 322,900 units. Sales across Germany too were up 4.4% as the company delivered 606,100 units. Where Asia Pacific markets were concerned, both China and India saw increased sales. Sales in China were up 17.5% with 1.48 million vehicles sold while in India 60,900 vehicles were sold resulting in a 10.4% increase in sales.

News release: Volkswagen Group increases deliveries in first half year
4.45 million vehicles handed over from January to June / +8.9 percent*

11.0 percent* increase in June

Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler: “Pleasing developments in first six months no cause for euphoria – second half year will be altogether more challenging”

The Volkswagen Group increased vehicle deliveries yet again during the first half of 2012. A total of 4.45 (January – June 2011: 4.09; +8.9 percent)* million vehicles were handed over to customers worldwide in the period from January to June. The month of June was equally positive, with deliveries running at 798,500 (June 2011: 719,400; +11.0 percent)* units. “Deliveries by the Volkswagen Group developed very well in the first half of the year. But that is by no means cause for euphoria. The economic situation, particularly in Western Europe, remains tense and difficult”, Group Board Member for Sales Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg on Friday, and added: “We remain on track and are entering the second half year, which will be altogether more challenging, with confidence.”

The Group brands delivered a total of 1.93 (1.90; +1.8 percent) million vehicles to customers on the overall European market in the first half year. In Western Europe (excluding Germany), 1.01 (1.07; -5.7 percent) million customers took possession of a new vehicle. The Group brands once again reported vigorous growth in the Central and Eastern Europe region, handing over 322,900 (253,700; +27.3 percent) vehicles to customers there. In its home market of Germany, deliveries by the Volkswagen Group rose 4.4 percent to 606,100 (580,600) units.

Developments on the American continent were again positive. Unit sales in North America were up 22.1 percent in the period to June to 389,800 (319,100), of which 275,200 (211,000; +30.4 percent) were delivered in the United States. The Volkswagen Group handed over 469,500 (455,200; +3.1 percent) vehicles to customers in the South America region during the same period.

Group figures for the Asia-Pacific region were also very encouraging. 1.48 (1.26; +17.6 percent) million vehicles were handed over to customers there in the first six months, of which 1.30 (1.11; +17.5 percent) million units were delivered in China, the region’s largest single market. In India, 60,900 (55,100; +10.4 percent) customers took delivery of a new vehicle from the Group.

Outline of developments at Group brands

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered 2.79 (2.53; +10.2 percent) million vehicles to customers worldwide from January to June. The brand developed particularly well in the United States, where 208,700 (154,100; +35.4 percent) vehicles were handed over. Volkswagen Passenger Cars delivered 134,000 (92,300; +45.2 percent) vehicles in the Central and Eastern Europe region over the same period.

Audi delivered 733,200 (652,900) vehicles worldwide in the first half year, an increase of 12.3 percent. The premium brand from Ingolstadt benefited among other things from significant double-digit growth in China, where 193,900 (140,700; +37.8 percent) were delivered to customers, and the United States, where 65,200 (55,900; +16.5 percent) units were handed over. The brand also reported an increase in Europe, where deliveries rose by 2.8 percent compared with the same period in 2011 to 393,300 (382,800).

The ŠKODA brand delivered 493,000 (454,700; +8.4 percent) vehicles worldwide from January to June. The company developed particularly well in the Central and Eastern Europe region, where customers took delivery of 131,800 (113,500; +16.2 percent) new vehicles. ŠKODA grew deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region to 144,900 (128,900; +12.4 percent) units.

SEAT delivered 163,300 (186,400; -12.4 percent) vehicles worldwide in the period to June. The company handed over 139,100 (167,900; -17.2 percent) models to customers on the overall European market where the situation remained difficult. There were encouraging trends in Germany, where 28,400 (26,300; +8.0 percent) units were delivered, the UK, where 19,800 (18,500; +6.8 percent) customers chose a SEAT model, and Mexico, where deliveries totaled 10,200 (8,500; +20.5 percent) vehicles.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles grew deliveries 3.7 percent to 270,000 (260,300) units in the first half year. 63,000 (59,700; +5.5 percent) vehicles were handed over to customers in the home market of Germany. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles also developed very well across Europe, with 165,900 (158,400; +4.7 percent) units delivered on the overall European market.

*) excluding MAN and Scania