Traffic Police celebrates Road Safety Week 2015, gifts helmets during Joy of Giving day


The aim of the campaign is to draw attention of the need for safe road travel just by following simple rules. Celebrated in many cities across the country, this year the theme for Road Safety Week is “Walk for Road Safety”.

As part of Road Safety Week, over the weekend, Gurgaon Traffic Police that celebrated the Joy of Giving day and distributed helmets to motorcyclists and pens to drivers who followed traffic rules.

traffic police gifts helmet

During Road Safety Week (January 11-17, 2015) banners, safety posters, films, pocket guides and leaflets with emphasis on road safety will be distributed. Travellers will be motivated to following traffic rules while those deliberately ignoring safety precautions will be requested to abide by these rules by giving them roses.

Commuters will be reminded about methods and need for road safety and the use of helmets and seat belts. There will be free medical camps and driving training workshops conducted for drivers while painting and drawing competitions, road safety announcements, exhibitions and debates will also be conducted. Many such similar activities will be conducted during the month so as to make citizens aware of the urgent need for road safety.

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The initiative taken by the Gurgaon police have been regaled as well as rubbished on Facebook and other social networking sites. Though their measures to instil traffic safety rules and regulations among commuters has drawn much attention, some citizens do not like the idea of wasting public money in giving free helmets.

One reader, Nikhil Aggarwal points out – If someone can afford a two wheeler they can obviously afford a helmet too….So STOP wasting public money on these tactics and install some CCTV cameras to catch the culprits.

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