Halla Visteon Sanand plant begins production

Halla Visteon Gujarat facility will cater to OEM requirements in Gujarat and western India. The facility spans about 8,890 square meters (95,691 square feet) of manufacturing space. Halla Visteon Sanand plant has the capacity to produce 2 million units of heat exchangers; heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) modules; and air conditioning lines.

Halla-Visteon-HVCC sanand
HVCC expands India operations with Halla Visteon Sanand plant

HVCC can double Sanand plant capacity based on business needs by using its standardised global manufacturing and business processes. YH Park, president and CEO, HVCC says India is a fast growing economy, and poised to emerge as a top passenger vehicle market in near future. HVCC wants to be prepared for the growth opportunity this market offers. Halla Visteon Sanand plant expands HVCC manufacturing footprint to major automotive hubs in India.

HVCC offers thermal management technology too to vehicle manufacturers in India. Park adds, as Indian economy is growing at a fast rate, but car penetration remains comparatively low, passenger vehicle sales are expected to gain momentum. HVVC is capable of providing the Indian market with innovative thermal solutions.

HVCC has a regional office in Chennai. Plants in India are located in Chennai, Pune, Bhiwadi (near Delhi) and Gujarat. Halla Visteon is the second largest provider of automotive thermal management systems in India. Operations in Halla Visteon Sanand plant expands HVCC’ reach to all auto hubs here.

Halla Visteon Climate Control Corp. (KS: 018880) was recently named a co-winner for IR52 Jang Young-Shil Award with Hyundai Motor Company for its new heat pump system.