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Harley Davidson Launches First Ad Campaign Post Hero Partnership

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Hero MotoCorp is taking Harley Davidson’s Indian journey further

Only weeks after shutting down their plant in India, Harley-Davidson announced its association with Hero MotoCorp. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin based bike manufacturer, which started with quite a fan following in India found it difficult to do business over time. However, it has decided to give it another go with Hero MotoCorp. This, even as the company cited poor sales and mounting losses in the country.

These losses were primarily due to the higher pricing, wrong product portfolio and marketing strategy adopted by Harley. Namely, paying more attention to higher priced cruiser bikes in India as against their competitors who offered more affordable models.

Harley Davidson new film – H-D India Forever

As a part of the non equity partnership with Hero MotoCorp, the latter will sell the Harley models under the HD banner. In view of its continued relationship here, Harley-Davidson India has released a film, “H-D India Forever” celebrating completion of one of many decades to come.

The film highlights the bond of Harley riders as they ride together across the roads and highways in the country. And draws attention to the brotherhood and camaraderie that this company has forged among its buyers.

Harley’s new marketing material is focused on the brand it has built here. And in essence is meant to be emotive, and strike a chord with the multitude of HOG riders across the nation. You can’t fault Harley for not trying.

The company left no stone unturned in encouraging the culture of large riding groups when it first set foot here. Not only this. Frequent planned rides meant large-scale participation that encouraged a strong sense of riding to destinations in large groups. And Harley riders have done so with much enthusiasm.

In fact, a few years earlier when India Bike Week came into being, it was Harley Davidson that stepped in as main sponsor. With it, came large troupes to Goa to partake in celebrations and encourage camaraderie. With planned rides being an important element of the Harley ownership experience here, it’ll be interesting to see how that property evolves now.

Most importantly, Hero MotoCorp will need to get attuned to the perks that come with premium. At the end of the day, Harley-Davidson India continues to be a premium large bike manufacturer here.

Harley Davidson motorcycles in India

The Harley-Davidson legacy goes back 118 years. Company lineup in India comprises 10 models which are priced from Rs.4.69-18.25 lakhs. The most popular models start off at the cheapest Street 750 priced at Rs.4.69 lakhs. There is also the Iron Man at Rs.9.38 lakhs, the Forty Eight at Rs.10.61 lakhs and the most expensive Fat Boy at Rs.18.25 lakhs. New pricing will be announced from 1st Jan 2021.

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