Harley Davidson Black Leather Jackets Exhibition announced

Harleys have a history with black leather jackets, not sure which of them appeared first, but for sure one does not look good without the other. Celebrating the same spirit, Harley Davidson will be exhibiting Black Leather Jackets at their museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin later in June this year. Harley Museum, which houses over 100 year old rich history of Harley Davidson Motorcycles, is built on a 20 acre plot with 130,000 square foot exhibit space. Harley Museum already has a collection of over 450 Harleys and thousands of other artifacts.

Talking about their new exhibit, titled – Worn to be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket, Mr Bill Davidson, VP, Harley Davidson Museum, said: “The leather jacket symbolizes different things for each person who wears it, whether they are a motorcyclist, celebrity or a top designer. This summer, the Harley-Davidson Museum is excited to introduce all these unique stories in one place through the Worn to Be Wild: The Black Leather Jacket exhibit, and for the first time, showcase how this one garment has become an icon in pop culture and fashion.”

Harley Davidson Black Leather Jacket exhibit will showcase motorcycle riders, famous personalities and their jackets in sync. Over 100 new artifacts are going to be showcased which include jackets designed by names like Gianni Versace and Jean Paul Gaultier. A jacket worn by Elvis Presley will also be on display.

Harley Davidson Museum will showcase Black Leather Jacket Exhibition from 16th June to 3rd September. After which the exhibit will head to EMP Museum, Seattle and later to several other locations over the next few years, making Black Leather Jacket as the first exhibit by Harley Davidson curatorial staff to travel to other museums.

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