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Harley Davidson (HOG) Rally 2nd edition rides to 2014 India Bike week

2nd India HOG Rally

India Bike Week, the Woodstock of biking festivals also celebrates its 2nd edition on 17-18 Jan, and will play host to more than 1000 H.O.G members who ride in as the brotherhood calls. India H.O.G Rally in its first edition saw more than 600 H.O.G members riding together to celebrate their love for Harley, and all it stands for.

At India Bike Week 2014 many customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles will be on display bringing to life the age old saying that ‘no two Harleys are the same’. 5 of the best customized motorcycles, one from each of Harley-Davidson’s 5 families of motorcycles will be determined as ‘Best Customized Bike of the Year 2013’.

On 17th January 2014, the Capital (Delhi) Chapter joins the remaining 12 Chapters to ride together in the 2nd edition of India H.O.G Rally in creating one of the biggest riding spectacles ever in India.

2nd India HOG Rally


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