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Harley Davidson India mobile app for iOS and Android announced

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Harley-Davidson India brings bike owners closer through its H-D India smartphone app for iOS and Android. As World Ride 2014 nears, the new app serves as a great platform for riders to create and share info regarding their rides.

harley davidson mobile app 1Harley-Davidson owners can now create, share and plan rides, follow events, receive info, access road side assistance, and stay connected with H.O.G. Chapters among other things.

Riders can now search for other riders in the vicinity and locate them when on the move. As Harley-Davidson owners in India is growing quickly, the phone app enhances customer experience through a custom social network that allows riders to follow each others updates.

harley davidson mobile app 2 homepageH-D India smartphone app lets riders plan trips and get directions. Enroute they can find dealerships, riders on road, petrol pumps, and cafes. App users can locate riders nad join up for a ride, share photos, routes and more. Reminders can be set for service updates, P.U.C. certificate and insurance dates. Riders can contact Roadside Assistance and store Driver’s License details, Motorcycle registration, and other info.

harley davidson mobile app 3 mybikeThis comes as a very important app, just in time for the 2014 Harley Davidson World Ride in which riders from across the globe will ride in unison. India too is part of the same and all 13 Chapters of HD India will be participating in this event. This new app will come very handy to all the participants.

harley davidson mobile app 4 route sharing

harley davidson mobile app 5 road side assistence


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