Harley Davidson LiveWire electric launch price $29,799 (approx. Rs 21 L)

Harley Davidson is getting ready for an electric future.

One of the oldest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Harley Davidson has launched their first ever electric motorcycle. The new Harley Davidson LiveWire has been priced at $29,799 (approx. Rs 21 lakhs).

That’s a lot more when you compare with other electric motorcycles on offer. For example, the Zero electric motorcycle, which has been called Tesla of motorcycles, is priced from about $10,000.

Whereas the HD LiveWire is launched at a price of an electric car, for eg, new Hyundai Kona electric SUV is sold at $30,000. Not that more money will get you more range. Harley Davidson LiveWire has a ‘urban’ range of about 177 kms. Zero electric bike claims to deliver 359 kms in the city, while Hyundai Kona delivers in excess of 450 kms.

Harley LiveWire does a 0-100 kmph spring in 3.5 seconds; making it one of the fastest Harley Davidson motorcycle ever. What about the sound? Well, there is no exhaust note, but Harley Davidson says that the LiveWire is developed to deliver “a new signature Harley-Davidson sound as it accelerates.”

The motorcycle is equipped with the latest of HD Connect system, which tracks every data possible of the LiveWire and delivers it to the owner on the smartphone via the Harley Davidson app.

Deliveries of the new Harley LiveWire will start in the US first, from Aug 2019. It will be launched in many other countries across the globe after that. India launch has not been confirmed yet. With the LiveWire, Harley Davidson is planning to target new generation of bikers. The company has ambitious plans for the 10 years ahead. 100 new high impact motorcycles are being planned for launch by the company.