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Harley Davidson Street 750 accessories list, price, brochure

Harley Davidson Street 750 Accessories showcase-015

Harley Davidson Street 750 entry level cruiser was launched in February 2014 at Delhi Auto Expo at a base price of Rs. 4.1 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi). The bike amazed everyone with its price being less than half of its immediate successor in India. Still, much like all other Harleys, the Street 750 gets a wide range of accessories and fitments that require more than one duffel bag to loot away.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Accessories showcase-015Customisation is one of Harley Davidson’s USPs, and the company offers all you need to make your cruiser attractive and functional in your own way. The list of additional and alternative to stock parts is way long, and it does not come at an easy buy price range, at least not for most bikers in the country.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Accessories showcase-01The Street accessories list includes brake pedal pads, shifter pegs, foot pegs, mirrors, road Zeppelin seat pads, circulator seat pads, universal helmet locks, physical security products like disc lock and cable lock, storage / utility products like tank bags and tool bags, detachable luggage packs, surface care products like wash and polish kits, alternative handlebars, exhaust shield kit, performance air filter kit, slip-on muffler, muffler end cap, paint sets, axle nut cover kits, polished brake rotors, centre stand, custom logo collection, custom alloy wheels, engine guard, quick release windshield, alternate ergonomic driver seats, pillion backrest and stylish handle grips.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Accessories brochure-01No way the list is over, check the showcase pictures and brochure snapshots for more accessories, tools and some of their prices.


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    Paint job is way costly for a bike wow amazed that so many options they provide but not from the cost

  • Chirash Rupela

    Everything is costly but its Harley. Thanks guys for posting this .

  • tali

    hi ashwin…..the prices luk reasonable….was litl srpizd 2 c th back rest price….the company one is wat 2 costly…..wr do i get to buy these?….the broshr pics dont hv a contact no….would b obligd if u cud giv me …..thnx bro

    • these pics are of the brochure which was at the authorized dealership in pune.