Harley Davidson Street Bob Review – Milwaukee’s Finest?

The name Harley Davidson sparks the feelings of a true blue cruiser motorcycle enthusiast. The low thumping tone of mega displacement motors and high rise handle bars are true to the Milwaukee thoroughbred. I rode the much popular Iron 883 a few months ago and was really impressed by the dynamic credentials the motorcycle boasts. But deep down in the heart I was left wanting for more, I am a supersport addict, have ridden motorcycles that would make the gravitation forces tear my face off. The horsepower in the 883 wasn’t pulling my horses enough.

This is where the Street Bob comes in. Parked in my garage, stained in the majestic grey shade with laser cut embossed emblems, the bike looks stunning. I particularly liked the long curve the handle bars make reminiscent of the yesteryear’s where in the movies the bad boys would drive by in their Harley’s with their visible armpits and that was a thing of man hood.

The seat is quite low, that means I can get on the bike without making my feet go up in the air and my thighs doing a full split before I climb on to it. The seat is well bolstered and supports lower back with utmost comfort. There is no rear seat as standard that means no fuss of having a girlfriend on the ride. The tank is pretty huge and is masked by a ‘MAD MAX’ inspired cast iron embellishments. This embellishment houses the beautifully crafted instrument cluster which includes the dial and an digital display to show various data about the bike. The handlebar housing is clamped onto a lock which has the Harley’s hometown MILWAUKEE engraved on it.

It took me a hefty number of minutes to figure out the key slot until I realized there isn’t any. The Street Bob has a keyless perch and ride off system that means you can keep the keys zipped in your pocket and all you need to do is switch the rotor to ignition and ride off. Which also means one needs to buy trouser with buttons and zips on their pockets so the keys don’t slide off. But that is me being nit picky, like totally.

The Street bob is powered by a ginormous 1,585cc air cooled, twin cam 96 V twin engine producing a healthy 65 bhp. Which when combined to the 124Nm of torque available on the twist of my right wrist is enough to shove me ahead of everyone else in the most decent manner. There isn’t the massive vibration that one associates with Harley Davidson motorcycles as the motor is supremely refined and the refinement is even more prominent on the highways.

I took the Street Bob to Chandigarh of a day’s ride and cruiser credentials are top notch. The centre of gravity is lower than your enemy’s standards and the fat 160/70 HD tires sitting on 17 inch rims make sure you have no excuse to slip off. The Street Bob feels agile and gains momentum like John Cena gains anger in a WWE fight-a-thon. The ride quality is superb and sometimes just make you forget that you are astride a Harley Davidson, It is a lovely feeling indeed galloping around in this prestigious machine. The only thing letting it down are the brakes. The braking efficiency just doesn’t justify the sheer weight of the motorcycle and hence a better setup with higher braking pressure could do wonders on your fast highway runs.

With such brilliant numbers supporting the magnificence that the Street Bob has it surely makes a case for itself for being the ultimate long distance comfort cruiser. Indeed there are minute niggles but they aren’t bothersome. It looks brilliant, it rides amazing and pulls like a girlfriend desperate for shopping. If you are in the market for a comfort cruiser, eye it, buy it.????


Length 2395 mm
Seat Height 675 mm
Ground Clearance 110mm
Wheelbase 1625 mm
Front Tyres 100/90-B19 57H
Rear Tyres 160/70-B17 73V
Fuel Tank 17.8 liter
Kerb Wt 304 kgs
Electronics High beam, directional light bar, neutral, low oil pressure, engine diagnostics, turn signals, security system, 6-speed, low fuel warnings, ABS
Gauges Tank-mounted electronic speedometer with odometer, time-of-day clock on odometer, dual tripmeter, RPM/Gear display, fuel gauge with low fuel warning light and countdown feature, low oil pressure indicator light, engine diagnostics readout, LED indicator lights, 6-speed indicator light