Hella India expansion fuels electronics localisation strategy

HellaHella has introduced SMT lines for its focus products, Body Control Module, and Remote Key Entry for Indian customers. Dr. Naveen Gautam, Managing Director, Hella India Automotive Pvt.
Ltd., says Dhankot plant expansion aims to meet increased demand of local customers based on contracts from key Indian OEMs. As Indian auto industry braces itself for more complex products and customer demands, HIA is committed to introduce innovative products and futuristic technology to boost content localisation in vehicles here.

Hella’s new dedicated BCM/RKE SMT lines include electro static discharge (ESD) – Barrier
Electronics. The plant houses imported machines equipped with latest tech. This includes Laser marking machine, Paste Printing machine, Solder Paste Inspection machine, Pick Place machine, Reflow Oven, Auto Optical Inspection machine and PCB Handling machine. Some of the tech used is a first for India, and the line is almost fully automated for limited human intervention.

Body Control Module caters to multiple solutions in a vehicle, thereby optimising energy consumption, and downsizing. As per OEM strategy and country specific regulations, the module gradually shuts down non-critical loads as per safety and comfort requirements. The loads are brought back based on availability of charge.

Remote Keyless Entry systems for remote control of central locking systems and Passive Entry/Go
systems increase comfort and safety as vehicle key is untouched for during car access and engine start/stop functions.

HELLA India’s Dhankot plant spnas 46600 sq mts employs 800 staff. The plant also manufactures Accelerator Pedal Sensors, Horns, Head Light Levelling Sensors, Body Actuators, Central Locking actuators, Linear actuators, climate sensors, switches and ECUs for use in India, and export. Testing, analysis, validation and development of products are ongoing at the plant.