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Hero Electric City Speed Optima-hx, Nyx-hx, Photon-hx Scooters Launched

Hero Electric launch all-new segment of scooters called City Speed

Hero Electric City Speed Scooter
Hero Electric City Speed Optima

Hero Electric all new ‘City Speed’ segment caters exclusively to city commuters. City Speed E-Bikes offer higher cruising speed and gradeability, which is necessary when going over flyovers and slopes. Hero city speed scooters bring together performance and price for value optimisation.


Hero City Speed e-bikes include Optima-hx, Nyx-hx, and Photon-hx, and are available at over 500 Hero Electric dealerships across 25 states in India. Th new e-scooter range is available at a price of Rs 57,560. This essentially makes the entry price point the most affordable electric two-wheelers in the segment. Price announced is introductory.

Availability of subsidies in Delhi means price will be further reduced. Hero Electric is highlighting benefits on running cost and total cost of ownership. Hero Electric strives for ‘Zero Pollution’ transportation basis a wide range of e-Scooters.

Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric India said, “The current E bike market is polarised with bikes available in low speed, very low price or high speed, very high prices.” These new scooters offer up to 80 kms on single charge and come with 3 yrs warranty.

Hero Electric City Speed NYX
Hero Electric City Speed NYX

Electric scooters in India

Hero is building its wide range of vehicles on electrical power trains that are efficient, and function on least amount of battery power. This is supported by required pickup and speeds that are suitable for city riding. Optima-hx, Nyx-hx, and Photon-hx have a driving range from 70 km to 200 km. Designed with enough power and punch, and battery efficiency, the bikes are built for high range per charge, and long battery life.

As an alternative to traditional mass market bikes, e-scooters are touted to be the stepping stone to switch to clean and green mobility. Hero Electric’s wide range of bikes mean there’s something for every customer as the products range from lightweight, city speed, high-speed, and performance scooters. This means, first time buyers and enthusiasts can choose from a range that meets their particular needs.

Hero Optima, Nyx, and Photon range is being marketed for ‘reliability, performance, and comfort’. The company will further invest in R&D to introduce an even wider range of advanced products that are viable options when considering a switch from ICE vehicles.

Hero Electric City Speed Photon
Hero Electric City Speed Photon

The electric scooter manufacturer sits in an enviable position, wherein it leads a segment that’s small, and growing. A first mover advantage means the company has been here at inception, and will set trends that shape electric scooter industry. While low-speed scooters do away with the requirement of a licence, their speed limitation means the market remains a contained one.

For electric scooters to be a meaningful option in cities, they would at the very least need to offer everything a regular scooter does. As such, longer single charge riding range, and higher speeds are an absolute requirement while being cost competitive for buyers to even begin considering such bikes.

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